Hurt but laughing (junio 2007)

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How to fall in love (with me) in some easy steps:

Come closer.
Until you are just one step away.
Hold my hands in yours and look into my eyes.
Say nothing.
Close your eyes for a second. When you open them again, you will realise that we are inside a bubble.
Outside our bubble, nothing is important.
Everything outside becomes blurry.
Come even closer and hug me.
Your body gets numb.
Keep saying nothing.
Noise gets lower and lower.
At first, you’ll listen your heart beating and your blood thumping against your veins.
If you are patient (you’d better be), you’ll start feeling my heart beating and my blood thumping.
The time will come when both rhythms are the same.
Then, you can stop hugging me.
Then, I’ll give you the real chance.
Take one step away and start talking
Fake a conversation with me. An easy one: take the weather, or whatever.
When the time has come, come closer again.
Kiss me.
Then, you’ll realise. You’re head over heels for me.
Now it’s you.

Only you, alone, inside the bubble.

And I’m the one laughing outside.

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